Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Process Industries Incubator

About the incubator

Fars province is one of the biggest provinces in Iran with the most various climate changes among other provinces in the country. The geographical extent along with different climates resulted in a variety of species, wildlife, and agriculture. It can be claimed that there is no species of plants or animals which doesn’t exist in Fars.

Besides, infrastructures in Fars such as; industries, energy, communication, universities, human resources, all have facilitated the availability, and improvement of different industries, and jobs in connection with agricultural, and natural resources potentials in the province.

Major activities of technical groups admitted in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Process Industries Incubator technology incubator include:

  • Responsive to problems in agricultural, and natural resources
  • Clarifying the progress from past to present in agricultural, and natural resources
  • Presenting applied, scientific strategies
  • Supervising basic, and applied research
  • Commercialization of scientific research results
  • Conversion of traditional agricultural activities to industrial mechanisms
  • Providing grounds to improve technical knowledge, and export products
  • Helping wealth production, knowledge, and employment to grow in agricultural, and natural resources
  • Modern designing, and manufacturing required equipment in agricultural industries
  • Improving Fars province position in agriculture, biotechnology, and process industries
  • Reducing dependency of the country in field of agricultural, Aquatic, process industries
  • Transferring knowledge, and technology in agriculture, and food industries
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Dr.Mahmoud Naseri



Ms.Dordaneh Miri